Are more men turning celibate?

There’s an interesting news item in the Telegraph, the link to which is given below.  Quoting the findings of Relate, a counselling and sex therapy charity, the report says that many middle aged men are going off sex.    “I can have sex if I want to,” they say, “but I do not want to.  It’s not rewarding.”  Now, this ‘loss of appetite’ is a more complex problem than loss of libido, which has responded fairly well to treatment. Peter Bell, head of practice, Relate, calls this “a serious issue …. a psycho-social dysfunction.”‘not-interested-in-sex’.html

Interestingly, in India, the concept of celibacy is a part of the Hindu way of life.  Many householders have adapted to the modern times the ancient Hindu practice of dividing life into four stages – brahmacharya [studentship], gruhastha [householder], vanaprasthashrama [retired life] and sanyasa [renunciation]. 

Both the student [brahmachari] and the ‘retired’ householder are expected to practice celibacy.  The student, because he/ she has to concentrate all his energies on knowledge acquisition, and the retired householder, because  he/ she has to work towards getting over all attachments in preparation for the life of a sanyasi, that is the last stage, to be spent in meditation and contemplation of the supreme Reality.

 Are more men of the world turning back to this tenet of ancient Indian wisdom!!?


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