DEEP – The E-magazine for Ordinary People [May 2008]

The contents of the May issue of DEEP are listed below. 


The theme of the May 2008 issue of DEEP is the mentally ill and the society’s response to their illness. 

A physical ailment is tangible, something we can see and feel for.  But so often we consider a mentally ill person as simply ‘mad’….. [Click on the link to read more]

Mental Disability, Crime and the Law 

A strong desire to be helpful so as to get approval, be friendly, hide their disability and so on lead to mentally disabled persons often confessing to crimes they did not commit……[Click on the link to read more]

 The Story of Richard Lapointe

In 1987, Richard Lapointe was convicted of raping and killing his wife’s 88-year-old grandmother ….. [Was Lapointe really guilty?  Click on the link to read more]

Crimes in the News Recently

Some months ago, in Omaha, USA, a young man, Robert, entered a mall and opened fire indiscriminately.  He killed eight people …… [To read more, click on the link]

Meditation – Its Effectiveness as a Cure for Mental Disorders

An alternative to psychiatric treatment, which is, perhaps, too demanding and expensive for many of the mentally ill and their families, may be found in yoga and meditation….. [To read more, click on the link]

If you have overcome a handicap or difficulty, or know someone who has, and would like to share your experience, please let us know.  You can comment on the blog or write to me at The events in your life could help someone learn how to get on with their lives.


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