A strong desire to be helpful so as to get approval, be friendly, hide their disability and so on lead to mentally disabled persons often confessing to crimes they did not commit.  In crimes of this kind, the alleged criminals are innocent but are incarcerated because of their ignorance, compounded by their disabilities.

 In recent times, we have also been witness to a spate of crimes that defy the imagination.  So vile are these crimes that it is impossible to believe that the minds that conjured them are anything but disturbed.  Such are the travails of victims of horrifying crimes – Elisabeth in Austria,  and the victims of Nitahari in India, for instance. 

Then again, there are crimes that are unprovoked and lack motivation. The culprits in this case are most often young people. In a fit of madness brought on by various reasons,  they commit crimes on a scale that boggles the mind.  Such are the spate of campus killings in recent times, kidnap and rape by minors and even some of the acts of ‘terrorism’.  Many of them are victims themselves of unstable upbringing, childhood abuse, besides acquired psychosomatic illnesses.

The links in the May issue of DEEP – the e-magazine for ordinary people – takes you to DEEP’s reports on some of these cases and organisations and people working for them.  Click on the link below to go to the May issue of DEEP.



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