Through Windows in the Sky

The theme of the May 2008 issue of DEEP is the mentally ill and the society’s response to their illness. 

A physical ailment is tangible, something we can see and feel for.  But so often we consider a mentally ill person as simply ‘mad’.  We have little inclination to take time to understand the ‘different’ mental state of the sufferer.  We ourselves may be suffering from a mental condition of which we are totally unaware.  

As crimes against humanity at large, and at targeted victims, become increasingly bizarre, the mental health of the people, particularly those convicted of the crimes, becomes an increasingly important subject. 

How should the mentally disabled be treated? By their families, by society, by the law?  Please share your thoughts on this with us. 

Click on the link here to read the May issue

SANGHA-MITRA                                                                                                VOL. 1 – ISSUE 2 – MAY 2008 


One thought on “Through Windows in the Sky

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