A sad story and a thought

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes, for some folks, the tunnel is way too long and dark.  When such individuals emerge triumphantly into the light, can their arduous journey be measured on the same scale as others’ who did not have to navigate the long, dark tunnel? 

A recent news report from India talked of a woman dying in a small town government hospital due to an acute asthma attack.  She had been widowed some time ago.  The hospital personnel handed over her body to her four children, the eldest of whom was still in her teens.  The children, who found themselves orphaned all on a sudden, knew not what to do or where to go.  They had no elder to help and guide them.  A kind-hearted taxi-driver offered to take them to a relative’s place.  But, when the children called the only person they could think of, an uncle who lived in a village nearby, he refused to take charge of the body of his siter or her children.  Indeed, he even threatened them with dire consequences if they so much as dared step into his village!  Ultimately, moved by the plight of the children, a reporter of a local newspaper offered them temporary shelter in his home till alternative arrangements could be made. 

Like a seed stubbornly sprouting out of a concrete platform, these kids too may make it to the top one day.  But even if they don’t, should not their modest achievements count for a lot more than a kid that has had a normal upbringing?


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