Food Colours, Preservatives, and Hyperactive Kids

I just learnt today that some very common food colours and peservatives can be harmful.  Eg: Sodium benzoate and Food colourings like Sunset Yellow, Carmoisine, Tartrazine, Panceau 4R, Quinoline Yellow, Altura Red.

I’ve seen these products mentioned on commonly available off-the-shelf products.  We don’t have to consume huge quantities of the stuff.  Just a tiny little bit is all it takes to trigger an adverse reaction in susceptible people.  And, the converse is also true.  Avoiding their use also results in immediate, tangible benefits.

Buying off the shelves, consuming ready-to-eat food and drinks is all too common and convenient to forego.  But, it is possible to use a little caution when choosing what we want to eat. We need to take a little time to read what the packs contain and make an informed decision.  

 The September 6, 2007 issue of the Time magazine carries an article by Claudia Wallis titled ‘Hyper Kids? Cut Out Preservatives’.  The article quotes findings of a study conducted by The Lancet, a leading British medical journal. 

Links to the Time’s article and The Lancet’s study are available here:


4 thoughts on “Food Colours, Preservatives, and Hyperactive Kids

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  3. Hi, I liked your posts about preservatives in food and ADHD and thought you might be interested in a widget that my family and I have been developing.

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  4. Thanks very much for your post, Xavier. I did visit your blog briefly, but would like to look at it more before I can answer your questions adequately. Please give me some time. In principle, though, I wouldn’t mind providing a link to your page.

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