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‘To Walk Again’ is the story of Eion Bowen [1915-1983], who had to have both his lower limbs amputated in the prime of his life.  He lived in Te Puke, North Island, New Zealand and owned three sawmills.  He had some unusual pastimes – sword swallowing and fire eating for instance, he was passionate about flying and flew a tiger moth for a good many years, and he was an inventor – he developed a shearing technique that got acclaim from the wool industry, worldwide.  Most importantly, he never lost his sense of fun.  He was five eleven when he lost his legs.  He just added a couple of inches when he got his ‘new’ legs made, so that he could tower over six feet – something he had always wanted! The book is available at http://bookhabit.com. 


Sheeba cannot walk.  Her feet and arms are deformed, and her physical growth is stunted. But she can draw and paint extraordinarily well.  Her special area of expertise is a traditional Indian art form called ‘Worli Painting.’She lost the use of her legs due to Rickets – a childhood disease caused by deficiency of Vitamin D and calcium, which results in softening of the bones, skeletal deformities and growth disturbances.  

Sheeba found her forte thanks to the guidance of the Spastics Society of Karnataka, India.  Sheeba, who is now twenty-two, was first brought to the institution when she was five.  Her parents, who had already lost a child due to Rickets, brought her to the Spastics Society seeking a cure.  The Society, instead, taught her a skill after gauging her abilities as there was no way Sheeba could be helped to walk again.  Now, her paintings are used on their website by an international  ITconsulting company, MindTree.  Sheeba has also been appointed as an art teacher at the Spastics Society, being selected purely on merit, as she excels in the art and is capable of teaching other students.  A report about Sheeba, by Jaunet Gurudas, was carried in The New Indian Express, Bangalore.

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