Dispassion rules where Compassion should – An appeal for greater compassion in governance

De-humanization and Insensitivity are, perhaps, essential for those who are required to consider ‘people’ as ‘statistics’ so that they can do their jobs objectively, without fear or favour or allowing their hearts to rule over what essentially must be a ‘mind-job’.  A government is a faceless entity and its officials must perform as organs or voices of the government.  They cannot let themselves be human as chaos would reign.  They have to follow the rule book or risk de-railing the government machinery.  I appreciate this, and understand the compulsions under which the government officials work to ensure the government functions or is at least seen to function in a smooth, orderly manner.

All the same, I find it extremely galling to read a news report (in quotes, below) of the kind that is featured here.  What is being discussed is the fate of about five hundred children, all below the age of five. 

“The Women and Child Welfare Department claims that the ‘Beggary Act’ does not fall within their purview. 

 The Social Welfare Department claims that though they are responsible for implementing the Beggary Act, begging children do not fall within the scope of the Act. 

Officials from the Women and Child Welfare Department say that they stop these children from begging but cannot put them into mainstream education.  “It is the SSA which should bring them into the mainstream,” an official said. 

The  CWC chairman said that begging children come under the Juvenile Justice Act, which covers children who are left without any attention.  He said there is a need to rescue such children, but though they are identified there is no proper procedure to send them back to their native place, especially if they belong to another state, so that they can be rehabilitated and brought back into the mainstream.”

As a result, the children continue to beg on the streets and remain a statistic in the books of record of the government till they grow out of childhood.  Who is responsible for what they turn out to be?


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