Wars, Battles, Killings

A few days ago, I saw a heartrending photograph in the newspaper I read.  An infant, barely six months old, had been killed in a grenade attack.  The child’s face was dew-drop fresh and as innocent and trusting in death as it would have been, alive.  The father of the child, who seemed like a well educated person of some means, was carrying the child, to be buried.  His face was expressionless, and yet, one could sense his anguish, his deep sorrow and helplessness. 

Can this father ever forgive those anonymous persons who killed his child? Is it humanly possible to not desire revenge against the country of those who killed his child?  But then, causing the death of other innocent children will only find more fathers taking the same path to the graveyard, feeling the same way as him. 

The solution to a war cannot be another war.  What is lost in one battlefield cannot be gained by making a minefield of another.  Taking another’s life will not reverse the deaths you have had to live through.  The solution to the vicious cycle of wars, battles and killings must lie elsewhere.

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