Our Disabilities – 2

Phobia is a fairly common word.  All of us probably suffer from fear of something or the other – open spaces, closed spaces, heights, ocean depths ……. We have also heard of OCD – obsessive compulsive disorder, which has us washing our hands, checking the door lock, looking back to see if we’re being trailed, and so on.  But not many of us may be aware of the variety of learning disabilities (LD) that exist.  There is dysphasia (writing disability), dyscalculia (math disability), dyslexia, which is better known, and which is a reading disability, and disorders of speaking and listening, auditory processing and so on.  In our ignorance, we often get angry or upset with those who are not up to ‘our’ standard of ‘normal’ hearing, multi-tasking, totalling bills and so on. 

Physical disabilities – we can sympathise with fairly easily though it is not uncommon to find the disabled being treated callously.  Mental disabilities – we’re a little wary of considering this on par with physical disability though it is equally debilitating, if not more.  Other disabilities, such as the learning disabilities I have just discussed, few of us even consider this a possibility as we don’t know such conditions exist.  

How much the world is for normal people!  But, how little is the world truly normal! 

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I'm a writer of stories - for the young and the old, for children and adults. I write fiction and non-fiction: novels, essays, short stories... I also research on a subject very close to my heart: the education of the under-privileged. The output of some of my work - stories, novels and essays - is available at http://revathikumaran.wordpress.com I also blog at https://kshama.wordpress.com

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