The journey of humankind towards self-destruction

It was 500,000 years ago that man evolved from the ape, but the oldest civilizations on earth are only around 5000-10,000 years old and the most rapid development has taken place only in the last 500 years or so.

The pace of material development and development of intelligent human beings has gone hand in hand with a deceleration in spiritual development, mental and emotional health.

Though cults and sects aplenty have cropped up, claiming allegiance to the world’s well known religions, and the scriptures as were known have been re-written and re-interpreted several times over, no new religious text that has had the capacity to weather the onslaught of man and time has been composed or written in the last millennium.

Just as companies measure their results quarterly and longevity is seldom a criterion for measuring the vitality of an organization, traditions and beliefs that have withstood the test of time have been sidelined to let amorphous considerations dominate human thought and action.

The result: stunted minds that are unable to fathom the significant smallness of individuals, howsoever mighty, in the universal scheme of things.

The cantankerous clamour for recognition, the urge to feed self-importance, the utter lack of inclination or aptitude to learn rather than play, contemplate rather than act …….. these have become the defining characteristics of humankind today. Disappointment, disillusionment and depression follow, naturally, as the space at the top is limited.  Sadly, the process of self-destruction does not affect only the individual.  It has a ripple effect, the most serious outcome of which is the evolution of de-sensitized, less humane human beings.

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