Immigration Laws – How ‘human’ is human?

Immigration Laws – How ‘human’ is human?


Once upon a time, humans migrated from one place to another, moving at will, in search of greener pastures, more plentiful water and wildlife. Then came settlements and kingdoms, but humans continued to have the freedom to migrate, discover and populate new lands, even conquer and colonise. These journeys were fraught with risks, even danger, but a spirit of adventure, the will to survive and the urge to live better led them on.

Once the process of populating every land on the planet became complete, almost, began the process of stratifying populations within national boundaries. Movement between nations was possible, but with restrictions and stipulations.

Obviously, when there are laws that facilitate migration, albeit regularized migration, it is impossible to condone any subversion of the law. But then, when the facility to make a legal entry into another country is available, and so many millions use that route, why do so many more choose to become immigrants, illegally?

Perhaps, it is because the urge in humans to move in search of better pastures, better livelihoods, is primal and cannot be curbed. No matter the risks, the danger, the lies, the subterfuge, the dream of greener pastures leads them on. Hope is a rope that they hang on to, to swing them through life. Often, an entire life’s savings is spent on paying the human smugglers for an ‘unsafe’ travel, risking the lives of all in the family.

As long as there is the basic human instinct to migrate in search of ‘greener pastures’ on one side and the ‘eternally young human greed’ (as one of India’s ancient texts, the Panchatantra calls it) waiting to be fed on the other, no law can curb illegal immigration. In fact, in a case of the fence eating the crop as it were, the lawmakers themselves are accused of having violated human rights in making such laws!

Perhaps, a solution can be found by facilitating the creation of ‘greener pastures’ such as those that the illegal immigrants come in search of, in their own lands.

We export and import goods, and yet smuggling goes on. We combat this by collaborating and cooperating with governments and their agencies across the globe.

If only governments can think out of the box and cooperate positively to make better lives for their peoples instead of only collaborating to prevent people from trying to make their lives better!

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