Where is Religion going?

Those of us who are believers turn to God when we feel helpless, hopeless and there’s no one else who could understand, who would understand. Were God to feel hopeless and helpless ………..?!!!

Seeing the way Religion is being ‘packaged’ and ‘marketed’ today, would it be any wonder if the gods of the various religions went to war with one another like corporates in the marketplace?

Numbers count, so shepherd in more people to make the herd. Size matters, so build bigger and bigger monuments and institutions to god. Tell the faithful what they want to hear so that they don’t get turned away. After all, God is all-knowing and will understand that all your actions are for His (?) sake!

I would imagine true messiahs of God would want brotherhood to prevail over bloodshed; I would imagine that they would want peace, compassion and love to rule the earth and the earthlings. I do not think they would want to barter God’s words or enter into bargains over what words of God to retain or remove from their speeches, and ultimately, from the scriptures.

To ordinary folks, who make up most of the world, scientific dissection of philosophies and theories hardly matter. The question of God as the Creator is a matter of faith, and no amount of scientific evidence can satisfactorily prove otherwise to us. But that need not prevent us from thinking rationally instead of with blind faith, questioning superstition and refusing to ritualise Religion or trivialise it to a mere marketing exercise. Or worse, use Religion to divide peoples, destroy mankind.

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