Religion in Politics – a quid pro quo?

Having allowed Religion to be politicised, it is only to be expected that Religion will seek to influence matters political – matters that affect the society and its functions, the nation and its impact on the life of individuals that make its polity.

Let alone major decisions that could have national and international ramifications, like a jihad, even in simple incidents that affect our routine life and livelihoods, religious preferences may influence decisions.

For instance, a high school English Reader may no longer be a simple collection of random writing in prose and poetry. Students may never be exposed to certain authors, despite their literary merit.

Mercy killing, suicide, sexual preferences, marriage and divorce, business, banking, trade, international relations – from simple to complex matters of society and state, from matters pertaining to individual preferences to a nation’s choices, the concerns and considerations of Religion can often not be overlooked or over-ruled by those in charge.

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. It is naïve to believe that everything is as it seems. Seeing this is the first step towards changing it.

Religion has to be re-claimed from the hold of vested interests so that it can once again counsel seekers and enable them to enjoy blissful contemplation on God, in all innocence.

By the same token, Politics has to be protected from religious interference. Narrow-minded zealotry will only stultify society.

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