Religion for the generations to come


We cannot shelter our children from the squalor that much of the world is steeped in. Television brings it into our living rooms and bedrooms. The Internet allows interaction with sick minds in isolation.

We cannot trust our children with absolute freedom, we cannot teach them to look on everyone with trust.

Discretion, diplomacy, dilution of values – these are all “essential life skills” that children have to learn if they want to progress, and we have to teach them to practice such duplicity!

In order to come out of the morass of deceit, delusion, selfishness, greed, jealousy, fear and so on that fashions so much of our lives, we need to set higher moral standards for ourselves. Religion is a way of life, a path to a higher order of things – morals, values, goals and so on. But if, in seeking to follow the prescribed way of life we feel overwhelmed by the dogma or stifled by the constraints, we have to exercise the option of taking that which brings us solace and leaving out that which oppresses us.

I don’t think one has to be ‘religious’ to follow a Religion. I don’t even think one has to believe in the existence of God to follow a religion. And, it doesn’t matter if you do not find any of the religions, including the one you were born into, satisfactory. All that matters is that you set these morals, values and goals for yourself, on your own.

Our beliefs irrevocably influence our children and decide their mental and spiritual health. By subjecting them to believe in such truths that we ourselves cannot believe in, by forcing them to follow such rules as we ourselves would sooner not, by allowing them to cultivate an aversion for that which is good in Religion because that which is not is slowly making it rot, we are only driving them to desperation.

Can there be any other explanation for incidents such as we have been witnessing in recent months and days – mass murders on campus by children hardly out of their teens, kidnap and rape by children not yet ten? We have made gun-toting militants and hardened criminals out of kids.

We came into a more peaceful, more trusting world. What are we going to leave behind for the generations to come?

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