The politicisation of religion

From what probably began as a simple contemplation on God and innocent wonder at God’s creative genius, Religion has become a powerful tool to mould public opinion. Those who constitute the religious order have apparently allowed religion to be re-fashioned by the circumstances and expediencies of the day. So much so, reading the various religious scriptures today, one finds it difficult to believe that God or God’s messengers could have said such words.

I feel that, like Nature at its rugged best or pristine self, the best relationship that we can have with God is one that evolves on its own. We cannot escape the guidance of Scriptures and human mediators, but we could use them as we would a bamboo stick or trekking gear to explore the unknown regions of the world. There need be no hesitation in making our own interpretations. Indeed, such original thinking, I feel, is obligatory on our part so that we can re-invent religion and make it a source of joy.

Whether or not there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow should be least of the questions troubling us, and even more, our children. We should lose ourselves in the simple enjoyment of the fascinating display of colours.

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