Religion and Politics, and our role in shaping them



There have been times in History when Religion and Politics – two major influences on Society – have been at each other, daggers drawn. There have been other times when the two have had a symbiotic relationship, nurturing each other and helping each other. Working in the name of Society, for the welfare of Humanity, these two behemoths have also often worked in tandem to retain their hold over their ‘subjects’.

Through my posts thus far I have been presenting a case for the individual to assert their moral right to their individual identity, for each has a unique relationship with God, each has a unique set of values instilled by their upbringing, and each has a perspective about what they want the society they live in to be like.

Given that disruptive and amoral tendencies are not what is being talked about here, I do not see why individuals cannot try to come out of the bind of religious practices that they do not believe are furthering their communion with God and which they think are not conducive to building a more compassionate world order.

Similarly, if guided by a spirit of social well being rather than short term self interest, I think individuals must not hesitate to make their opinions known if they feel that the current policies are not enhancing the quality of their life now or are threatening to the future of their selves, their families, neighbourhoods, societies or the world.

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