The Role of Politics (Post 4) – Might is not always Right!

The ‘might’ of majority is often cited as the reason for putting in place policies that may not have universal support. That the majority view may not always be the right view or the most ideal approach is often overlooked.

A consensual approach, where an attempt is made to convince everyone and carry everyone along may be better, if an honest attempt is made by both the supporters and others to thrash out issues in a spirit of give and take. However, in reality, consensus is achieved by arm twisting of various degrees by the majority, employing various methods.

Thinkers, inventors and trailblazers were often those who did not hesitate to take the road less travelled by.

So, even if ours is the only dissenting voice, if we have the courage of conviction about the wrongness of the popular choice in a particular situation, we ought to register our dissent and make sure our views are known to those affected by the decision of the majority.

At various points in our life, we go along with the tide simply because we lack the fortitude to stand up to the might of the majority.

Discretion may be the better part of valour, but should we confuse inaction with discretion? Surely, a discreet way to assert our individual spirit can be found if only we would not deny ourselves the chance to at least consider speaking up!


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