The Role of Politics (Post 3) – Participate actively in decision-making

Chimpanzees are our closest ancestors in the evolutionary chain and an evolved intelligence is almost all that differentiates humans from chimps. This being the case, why do we frustrate our intelligence and choose to behave like dumb, driven cattle ever so often, when we can at least attempt to change the course, if not actually achieve the desired result?

Individuals have a responsibility to be the conscience-keepers of the society they live in. The politics of a society is a reflection of the time period. History will judge our time period by the kind of decisions we allow the politics of our time to shape.

To perform our role as conscience-keepers, we need to throw off our passivity and actively participate in the decision-making process that is politics in the making.

Lack of support or resources or knowledge need not constrain us. Even those of us who consider ourselves Very Ordinary Persons (VOP as against VIP) can make ourselves heard through accessible forums (such as letters to the editor, blog posts, articles in the press, pamphlets, street corner talks, open public lectures, peaceful, non-disruptive demonstrations), choose methods that match our means and abilities and learn more about issues by looking up sources in print, on the web and through discussions with a spectrum of people.

In the interest of preventing short term self interest to prevail over the long term health of the society, its mental and moral health in particular, individuals have a duty to be better informed in all their roles – as citizens of the globe and their nations, as parents, voters, working people, shoppers, road users, and guardians of this, our blue planet, above all.


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