The Role of Politics (Post 2) – The importance of informed, active participation


Politics is about the power to decide what will happen and how.

As individuals who are affected by the political process, we have a responsibility to be informed citizens, aware about what is happening around us, and how it is going to change our lives.

Every one of us can form an opinion about whether certain events must take place, whether they must happen the way they are planned, and why they must or must not.

Each of us has a duty to evaluate the pros and cons of the actions contemplated and enacted by those in power. The measures may pertain to trans-national treaties, curriculum changes in our schools or local garbage collection timings.

Whether it is a unilateral decision by a dictator or the deciding authority, a collective decision by a cabinet or a group or a consensual decision arrived at after discussion with various parties, if we feel strongly that a decision is going to have an adverse effect, we must make our views known. And, in doing this, it is important not to take a short term or selfish view.

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