The Role of Religion (Post 7) – Our Relationship with God


Our adherence or lack of adherence to a Religion and its tenets need hardly affect our relationship with God.

There can be no question that God would be as easily accessible to the worst among us as to the best, as much to the righteous as to the wicked. For good and bad, right and wrong are subjective, human measures.

As for ‘seeking’ God, the believer need not seek the reality of God through a ‘mediator’ or in any particular manner or place. Equally, the relationship with God cannot hinge on material returns for reinforcement. The feeling of comfort that one gets from an innocent belief in this intangible entity is the greatest gift that is bestowed on the believer.

There’s no quid pro quo in a relationship with God, for God would not ‘grant’ depending on what we ‘give’; God would not punish for what we may have done or not done; God would not cease to exist or cease to care, come what may.

If God is, it can only be as a personification of Goodness. To my mind, it is folly to subject this special relationship to the norms that govern human relationships.

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