The Role of Religion (Post 5) – In search of Love, Peace, Brotherhood

From being a search for that unique, unifying force which is the mastermind behind all Creation, Religion has expanded to assume a larger than life role in the evolution of human consciousness.

But, simultaneously, it has also been reduced to trivialising God in various ways. It has moved far away from being a simple contemplation on and search for the Spirit that breathes life into the Universe. It has more or less lost even its philosophical moorings.

Those of us who believe in God, and/ Religion, can try to make a difference to the way these wonderful concepts have come to be perceived. We can begin by building bridges between Religions, identifying the causes and reasons for divisiveness and working towards removing them, and refusing to be subservient to or support vested interests that would be wary of disturbing the status quo.

To contemplate on the Source of All Creation, the Primal Force, the Prime Mover, or, simply, God, is a deeply personal experience. It could be a wonderful, inspiring, even mystic journey if we free ourselves of the trammels of Religion as we have come to know it.

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