The Role of Religion (Post 3) – Giving Concrete Shape to an Abstract God


Having conceived a God in his likeness, Man, perhaps, began to give attributes to God and make God a more ‘wholesome’ being, concretising all that had hitherto been in the realm of the abstract. And, as Men are differently made, so did God come to assume various forms, qualities, capabilities, and even desires.

Bound by his inability to think beyond what was known or could be imagined, Man made God subservient to his limitations.

Different gods became ‘popular’ at different points in time, and different gods were ‘created’ for different tasks, perhaps as a natural corollary of necessity.

Soon, Man had made a heavenly kingdom fit for the gods! With its own ruler, the ruled and rules governing them and their operations!

God became a psychological crutch for Man – so powerful and yet so powerless; so intelligent and yet so ignorant.

Anything that he could not accomplish, Man began attributing to fate, destiny, the pre-determined path that God had designed for each creature.

Anything that he could not explain, Man saw as the inscrutable will of God – the omnipotent, omnipresent one who alone could accomplish every task involving physical, mental or magical powers; who alone knew everything about everything past, present and future.


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