The Role of Religion (Post 2) – Who is God?


From being a spiritual journey, in wonderment and joy at the idea of a Creator of the Universe, Religion probably became a philosophical journey, questioning the existence and the form of such a Creator.

If a Creator exists, where is that Creator? Where was that Creator before all of Creation came to be? What is the form of the Creator? How was the form acquired?

All we need to do is identify ourselves completely with Early Man and the questions that probably troubled them and excited their curiosity will be ours.

Since so much needed to be explained, and there was so little to go on, the idea of a super-natural being at work probably sounded convincing to most and was a convenient solution as well, to the question of how the Universe was created and is sustained. The idea of God took root and grew.

From a spiritual and philosophical quest, Religion probably took a turn towards the notion of devotion when Nature, which is so disciplined, orderly, symmetrical and so on was found to be quirky on occasion. When these quirks of Nature caused death and devastation, when there were no answers that could be found to certain troubling questions, Man probably found God a convenient peg to hang his ignorance on.

When it thundered, rained ceaselessly and swelling waters swallowed the land, or when mountains rumbled and the ground beneath one’s feet cracked, or when lightning struck and burnt down trees or killed people or when animals and men died by the score or several score, when crops failed and the sun scorched like fire …………. when all these horrible, unexplainable things happened, Man decided that God was angry, God was displeased, God was venting his anger and displeasure.

But, why was God angry? What was the reason for the displeasure?

It was, perhaps, in trying to answer these kinds of questions – modelling God in his likeness, and attributing to him utterly human frailties – that Man brought down the Creator from spiritual and philosophical heights to pagan and plebeian levels.





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