“God must have loved the plain people – He made so many of them!” Abraham Lincoln is believed to have remarked once. It’s true, isn’t it? Most of us fall within the ‘mean’ – in terms of appearance, qualifications, achievements and so on. Most of us desire to look good, feel good, be considered good by those we come into contact with and so forth.

But then, most of us are somewhat dissatisfied. There is a vacuum – an empty space in our lives or inside us – that we seek to fill in various ways. But fulfilment is a strange thing. The moment one desire, wish or ambition is fulfilled, another crops up in its place. Greed is a strong word for this emotion, but it comes close. And Greed is eternal.

The ‘seventh pot of gold’ can never be filled. What’s this seventh pot of gold? Well, a poor farmer once found a pot of gold under a tree on his land. It was filled to the brim with gold coins. He took it home, happily. Every subsequent day, for the next six days, he found a fresh pot of gold under the very same tree. And every time, he took it home, happily. But, on getting home on the last day, with the seventh pot of gold, he found that it was not filled to the brim as the other pots were. He went back to his field, trying to see if he had dropped any gold pieces. He hadn’t. He then spent his entire life trying to earn more and more to fill the seventh pot of gold to the brim.

It’s a ‘mean’ world. Most of us are average. That shouldn’t stop us trying to cultivate special skills. At the same time, let’s also enjoy what we have without cribbing about what we don’t have.

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