SCULPTING WITH CRITICISM – The sculptor, the object and the tools

I think someone who truly believes in God cannot also believe that God will punish, be pleased or displeased with offerings, or indulge in pettiness that is entirely human.

I can only subscribe to the belief that God is good beyond ordinary human conception, above and beyond all human frailties and weaknesses. Because godliness is a quality that can never be confused with anything lesser.

Similarly, this blog is premised on the belief that while there can be many perceptions of what is right and what is wrong, there is and will always be a fundamental agreement on the fact that qualities that are Good and Noble are those that are universally valued. And, to become better individuals as a first step towards making a better world, we need to constantly chip away at the bad, and if possible, enhance the good.

As Herman says in his comment to my previous post, it is important that the sculptor be not one who does not know to wield the tools.

Constant criticism is likely to weary us and we’re likely to get the worse for wear – feel humiliated, inferior, irritated, skeptical, angry ….
But we cannot always stop people from criticizing – either us or others. Whether or not they are skilled, people have a tendency to try to influence, mould, sculpt another in an image that they prefer.

Their tools, too, may not always be the most ideal, because people criticize for a variety of reasons, not always with the best of intentions.

But as the object of their criticism, WE have a responsibility to recognize the sculptors of our Character, our Personality, our Self, for the persons they are. What is their motive? Do they want us to improve or are they trying to make a puppet of us? Do they have our best interests at heart or are they misguiding us for their own ends?

These and other such questions must excite our consciousness before we determine whether or not to let the criticism or comment affect us.

If we are assured about the merit of the Sculptor, we can excuse the tools that may not always be the kindest of words, the sweetest of language or the best of expressions.

Sifting and sorting through the mounds of comments and criticisms we are ‘favoured’ with, every day, we could determine what needs to be chipped and how much.

It’s not unlike the comments we receive on our blog posts. Do we edit and publish them, publish them in toto, delete them or discard them as spam? And, in deciding each of our actions, do we choose the option that enhances the value of our blog or makes it less?

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