THE BLUE MOVEMENT – Let’s make a start!

Like I said in my last post, this blog is to put forth my thoughts about the need to make a more loving, more compassionate, more humane world, so that our future generations will live in a less stressful, less strife-torn planet.

I’m a great admirer of the Green Movement. They’ve succeeded in making each one of us (right down to the grassroots) understand the need to go natural, use organic, support recycling; they have also made governments and international bodies realise that they must at least ‘seem’ to make their policies Green.

Like the Greens, I’d like the Blue Movement to embrace individuals, nations and the world.

Let’s begin with individuals.

All around us such badness and irritants abound. People are selfish, uncouth, lazy, corrupt, downright wicked; there are gossips, nags, worriers, bores, wet blankets and what not! How to embrace them all in a web of compassion?

Let’s take a common, every day incident as an example.

Back home tired after a long, unrewarding work day, you find a sinkful of dishes to be done, a husband neck-deep in newspaper and children at their boisterous best with their favourite music CD on. A lazy ‘Hi’ says they’ve all seen you and acknowledge your existence. But that’s all. A readymade situation to lose your temper, vent your anger, feel righteous.

Can you hold on a moment at that point of time, hold back your anger, irritation, dejection and say: “I’ve had a difficult day at the office. I’d appreciate if one of you can make me a hot cup of tea, and the others help me with the dishes.”

Can you ask: “I’ve had a difficult day at the office; has your day been good? Do you think you can do something to make me feel better?”

If the response is not as expected, can you tell: “I’ve tried, folks, but you’ve not responded. I’m sorry, but I’m tired. So, I’m leaving the dishes to do tomorrow if none of you wants to do it today, and I’m retiring for the night with a hot chocolate. Order a pizza or eat out. I won’t be able to sit through dinner, much less make it. Good night!”

In life, as on the road, even if you abide by the rules, accidents can occur because others may not. Irrespective of who is at fault, accidents cause injury to all parties involved. So, even if you are just in getting angry, it vitiates the atmosphere, not always with helpful results.

The first rule of the Blue Movement could be: Anger vitiates the atmosphere. Try alternative expressions to give vent to your emotions.

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