Am I suggesting in my previous post (Ashley Jones) that compassion should rule when meting out punishment to criminals? Not quite. I’m only trying to say that crime should be placed in the context of a person’s background and instead of punishment, we should, perhaps, consider the word ‘Reform’ or a better equivalent. For, punishment under the law pre-supposes an equality of persons that does not exist in the real world. Everyone is a product of circumstances and the physical, mental and spiritual health of each individual has a bearing on their outlook, thoughts, words and actions.

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I'm a writer of stories - for the young and the old, for children and adults. I write fiction and non-fiction: novels, essays, short stories... I also research on a subject very close to my heart: the education of the under-privileged. The output of some of my work - stories, novels and essays - is available at I also blog at

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